Autocad 04 Solid White Blocks Issue

I've made some window elevation blocks with a solid white (color
255,255,255) hatch backing, so when inserted into a drawing anything
behind my window block would not be seen or plotted. (ie. a window
inserted on an elevation with a brick facade. However I seem to run
into a problem when I plot the model space to a PLT file. All my
window blocks plotted black when I view the resulting PLT file. The
pen style I'm using is a modified monochrome.stb. I've attached the
following image of the modifications I made to the pen style --->>>
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Any help
would be appreciated.
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I think I know whats happening. I'm using a Xerox HDI 2004 Print Driver
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according the the release notes, the feature is not supported/or its a know issue. Guess i'll just have to update the driver and pray for the best.
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