AutoCAD drawing is completely white

I was modifiying some text in a drawing and after i was finished
editing the word had turned white. When I opened up the layer manager
the text layer's color is cyan.
Why did the color change, xploding, bursting, chprop,convertpstyles
commands won't change the word back to its original color which is
If i edit any other words, they change color too. Its only affecting
one drawing file. The other text in other files stay their normal
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chprop did not work? methinks you maybe have one set to cyan and the other to bylayer or something similar.
but this might be a good chance for you to learn something.
make a copy of a recalictrant piece of text. edit one of them and let the glitch happen.
then at the command line
(setq this (entget (car (entsel)))) and pick the original, then
(setq that (entget (car (entsel)))) and pick the copy
F2 will show enough screen to see all of the results at once. this is the code that autocad uses to create your text. nerdy way but should be bullet proof. identify the differences in the code. (10.x.y.z) and (11.x.y.z) SHOULD be different, they are location data and your text has different locations.
(8 . "layer") will be your layer and (1 . "this is your text") should be the text content. they should be the same. get it?
what else is different?
have good weekend.
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