Profile does not scale correctly

Help fellow CAD people. I recently went to work for a company who
makes all their viewports 1:1 and then plots to whatever scale they
want. I come from a totally different school of thought where the
viewports are set to whichever scale you want and you plot the drawing
1:1. Their titleblock etc. are all set up on this method. The company
has alot of people who have been here 15 years, so you're not going to
get people to change the way they do things. My current problem is
this. I have a road plan and profile on one sheet. Both view ports
are set 1:1. When I create the profile and tell it to be a vertical
scale of 10 (which is what the boss wanted) it plots out not to scale.
With trial and error I found that if I create the profile using a
vertical scale of 7.5, it will then scale on a 10 scale when plotted at
40. Am I being obtuse? Why should I have to do that? The vertical
scale shouldn't be affected by the overall scale of the drawing right?
Is there some setting somewhere that is affecting my profile? HELP..
please. Thanks
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Am I being obtuse?
no, they are. they missed the point of paper space entirely. I HOPE THE PAY IS REAL GOOD THERE, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE HEADACHES. ( prediction )
"The vertical scale shouldn't be affected by the overall scale of the drawing right?"
a block can have different X and Y scales, but I do not believe a view or a viewport can. wish I could look over your shoulder for just a minute.
I am guessing that something is "wrong" with the way the profile is drawn. all I have ever done with plan & profile is sewer piping, and the X dimension was diagramatic. but if you are working 2D and they create the profile off the plan then it should not be ABLE to get a funky scale.
if it scales wrong in paper space, is it also scale wrong in model space? that's what I would check first.
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So it turns out I *was* being obtuse, in Project manager, page setup, the drawing default had been set to 30 horiz. and 3 vert. I was plotting at 40 and the horiz. was fine, but on the vertical that 3 overrode the 10 I was giving it when creating the profile, which is why I had to plot it at 7.5 to get 10.....such a stupid little thing, why I didn't find it right away...sigh....thanks for your thoughts, yes I believe there will be headaches, and no the money is not fantastic, but thats because I relocated to the South from the west, major pay cut!
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