possible to make legend??

I'm sort of new to AutoCad, and I've made a drawing that I'd like to attach
a legend to. I've used about 4 different hatches that I'd like to include,
but I can't figure out how to inherit the atributes of the hatches from the
model view to the layout view.
AutoCad 2006 seems like a very intuitive program, is there a way to
automatically create a legend using all hatches found in the model view?
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Chris Kellett
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Create your legend in model space. Then make your viewport the same scale factor as your plan, section, or detail. and the hatch characteristics will show as the same size, darkness, etc.
PS. My way of thinking: The only thing in paperspace is the titleblock and related text. All notes, legends, plans with text are all drawn in model space using viewports to create and organize the drawing.
Getting down from soapbox.
Chris Kellett wrote:
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Janice G
here we go again the whole Model vs Paper space thing. roflmao
btw~ I do it your way too Janice. Oh crap, now I am gonna get it too!
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Brian Spillane
The only thing that should be different between hatches in model space and paperspace is their scale and their origins.
If your MSPACE is scaled to 1:100 and your PSPACE is 1:1, then your PSPACE hatch scale should be 1/100th of that in MSPACE.
On the PSPACE/MSPACE debate I am a not-so-conscientious objector. I can and do go both ways depending on various considerations. The main one is if I already have something lying around to copy, and if so, which space was is made for...Charts and legends bore me! Whatever's quickest!
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Michael Bulatovich
OR create your legend in model space, make a block of it, and isert the block in paper space with the scale factor inverse. ( you would want to explode the hatch patterns before making the block. adjust layers, etc.)
I like my legends and schedules in paper space (where they belong).
When paper space was a new concept, seemed like lots of people who just could not handle the concept put their TITLE BLOCKS in model space too, and just cut a viewport in paper space. Or, I supect, plotted from model space.
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You mean to tell me there is an additional Space to Layout Space called Paper Space ???
And that there are various ways of using Model, Paper and/or Layout Space ?
I bet Model Space is for drawing at 1:1 and Paper or Layout Space is for the draftinig sheet and title block.
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Hmm, now relax Brian. I did say it was my way of thinking, didn't I? And so did you. So no nasty-grams from the rest of you. We were just stating our preference. (I'm grinning. Monday morning lightheartness and all that!)
Brian Spillane wrote:
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Janice G
About 6 - 8 months ago I saw a model vs paper debate go on in one of these newsgroups for about a month! must have been at least 500+ comments posted.
That was my referral, I hope we don't repeat it!
Brian :)
Draw where ever you want people !
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Brian Spillane
Oh yeah? Says who? ; }
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Michael Bulatovich
Hey Michael, I have seen one of your drawings! : P
j/k Brian
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Brian Spillane

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