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Hi all,
I just tried to save a Pro/E drawing to dxf, it works fine, but what
about to save only a view (main view) from a drawing to dxf. Especially
save only the geometry lines of the view without dims, symbols, form and
other views. Out laser cut machine needs the dxf 1:1 scale and I would
like to create a mapkey or write a program with toolkit to do this
conversation automatically. It is too much work to delete the unneeded
things from the drawings. Could you help me please?
Peter Bo
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Peter Bo
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It is not too much work, it is the simplest thing in the world... IF you do not have exaggerated expectations of what you can do with an existing drawing. My suggestion (even though you didn't ask for it and instead, decided on a wrong headed solution that you were going to MAKE work, no matter what) is to take your part geometry and make a FAB LAYOUT drawing: one plan view that shows the outline and internal cutouts, no format, no dimensions, on a drawing size large enough to hold the part at 1:1. Time estimate to create this simple drawing? Less than the time you've agonized over how to make an existing drawing serve an illegitimate end with all the hanky-panky you want to perform on it.
Think like a modeller, not a drafter; the model, not the drawing, is your constantly reuseable starting point!! Get this down and so many questions evaporate. And when you get really sophisticated at this business, you'll skip the drawing alltogether and do your programming FROM THE MODEL. Hopefully, someone more knowlegeable and experienced than I will chime in and tell you how they've actually done it. And if we're talking about vendors, tell them to get onboard and get at least one seat of Wildfire.
David Janes
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David Janes

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