3D views in DXF save as ?


I usually put a 3D view in my drawings to help visualise what's required.

Usually I find that view ignored and missing when I save as a DXF, so I assumed it couldn't be done.

But recently I put a detail in on a 3D view, and the detail view was included in DXF, and then more recently, I was saving two drawings, one had the 3D view included in DXF, the other didn't.

I tired all perms I could think of, but the settings were the same, views were the same etc, still could not get the one to show 3D view.

please, HOW do I get 3D views to save in DXF's?



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Two oversights in file translation are lack of IGES 2D drawing support and lack of 3D dxf/dwg support. The last is rather strange given its usefulness to the Cosmos line of products.

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