Heads up SP 3.0 disappearing drawing views

In SP 2.0 I use to get drawing views that would disappear. The only way I
could make them come back was to change them to shaded and then back to HLR.
Now in SP 3.0 They disappear and WILL NOT come back! I have no choice be to
go back to 2.0 or earlier.
I'm speechless. Dropping my subscription service renewal this year is going
to be very temping to say the least.
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Please report this to your VAR. Also, thanks for the warning. I downloaded it this morning, but was going to wait a couple of days before loading it.
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choice be to
this int new it did it in 2003 and also i noticed it in 2004 sp4.2 more recently
i wouldnt worry about it it doesnt cause problems and it doesnt do it in 2005 sp 2 yet
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Your beta dollars at work Skipped 2005 didn't miss it a bit, didn't hurt productivity and just can't wait for 2006
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I had the same problem in SP2 -- the main reason I installed SP3 was to fix this!
Haven't been able to make it happen ---yet--- in SP3.
Note to get around it in SP2 I would change the offending view to Draft quality. I have just opened the previously offending drawings and changed views back to High Quality with no problem.
The Drawings were of differing Configurations of the same Sheetmetal part. Included in each drawing, is a view showing an assembly of the part with PEM fasteners. All Configs were based on a design table.
In SP 2 the problem seemed to be worse when there were drawing views of differing configurations in the same drawing. Or if there were interfering parts as is case with some PEM / part assemblies.
Could you email me the drawing & part? I'd be interested to see if it's repeatable -- and what settings you have on.
John Layne Solid Engineering Ltd
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John Layne
I had the same problem with sp2 and got a simple workaround.
I just make sure I open the 3D file been drawn before opening the concerned 2D files. It seems that many issues with Sw are update related and you have to find a way to force the update or at least make it easier for the software.
John Layne > to be very temping to say the least.
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Robin B
This seems to have been a longstanding Solidworks problem - I've seen it since 2003. On 2005 sp3, the fix of changing view to shaded and back (or multiples from feature manager) seems to do the trick for me - But - - Hello - solidworks corp. this is pretty fundamental.... same old story, more features - no more reliability.
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