Broken drawing view

Ran into a possible bug here. SW2004, SP2.1 & 3.0 Please try this to confirm. I'll describe this as we found it, however, I don't think the names of the files are significant. :-)

Put a view of a long shaft in a drawing. Make the shaft long enough to make a significant break in it. This shaft has a round end keyway in it at both ends. Rotate the view so the shaft is running horizontally across the drawing. Insert a vertical break that greatly reduces the length of the view. Now try to put a dimension on the round end of the keyway at either end - won't dimension.

Now some of the observations.

  1. If the view is oriented such that the break is a horizontal one rather than a vertical one, all works as expected.
  2. If the end of the shaft is turned down and therefore has a radius at the shoulder, it also will not work.
  3. If a complete circle (hole) is put in, it works ok.
  4. Both ends work the same way.
  5. Another shaft or drawing doesn't change anything.
  6. If the view is unbroken, dimensions are ok, so unbreak, dimension, then rebreak it.
  7. It appears that the scale of the view relative to the sheet or drawing size doesn't matter.
  8. It seems that if the amount of the shaft that is removed is below some magic threshold, it still works.
  9. Once you cross that point, sometimes you can slide the break lines back out and it will work again. Most of the time not.
  10. I looked for a point of say 50% removed, but couldn't find any consistency in the misbehaving.
  11. I thought maybe it was related to the end of the part finally crossing over the sheet boundary, but couldn't make that be it either.
  12. I didn't try anything other than a round bar - flat may or may not be the same.


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Wayne Tiffany
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I've had troubles with dimensions in broken views for a long time.....same thing if You try to put in a centerline.... it doesn't work in broken views.

Krister L

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Krister L

Angle dimensions sometimes go crazy after reopening a drawing with broken views. It has gotten better in SW2004 though. It now only happens occasionally. In SW2003, you might as well forget putting an angle dimension in a view that was broken.

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Seth Renigar

Come on Wayne. Pick pick pick.

Oh kay, enough of the teasin'.

Used to have similar issues with them rotated broken views. I think it was Krister that just mentioned the centerlines. We had a broken view that we rotated to horizontal (was vertical), and we couldn't put in a centerline. But that was many service packs ago and we did the ole workaround and haven't looked back.

had a view the on an older drawing the other day that when I open in SW2004sp3 and did a rebuild, all the dimensions went flip-floppy. I mean it was one of them "I can't describe it deals". The view was an angled view, that we had rotated to be horizontal by origin. It was like the vertical dimensions lines were running along the original angle, and the leaders wererunning horizontal. The horizontal dimensions were the same, but backwards. Ended up recreating the whole view, and doing something "weird" with the break alignment I think. I'm getting old and forgettin' a lot.

Mr. Pickles

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Mr. Pickles

A bit more testing.

  1. Flat bar works the same way.
  2. The issue appears to not be whether the break is horizontal or vertical, but rather if the view has been rotated. If you rotate the view
90° it fails. If you rotate something like 15° it still fails.


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Wayne Tiffany


A workaround - change the view orientation in the part so it displays horiozontally in the front view. This should allow it to work OK in your drawing.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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