Dimension from Detailed view to Section view?

How do I dimension from a detailed view to the section view of a drawing?

I've got a three of O-ring grooves, that are a distance from one end of a shaft (12.00" approx). I created a Detailed view of the grooves, put it below the sectioned view, and now I want a ref. length from the end of the shaft, to the Detailed view, not on the sectioned view. Just so all the dimensions and reference dimensions are on the Detailed View, or dimension from it.

I could create a leader. Can I create a dimension from the edge of a groove, to a non-existant point just outside the detailed view? How do I do that?

Thanks, samurai.

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Your talking about tossing a bunch of drawing view features at the same information from your part. You'd need a scaled-up view with Horizontal (or Vertical) Break(s) in the shaft, added in Break-out Sections where your Detail View is now, then Crop the view to mimic the Detail View. This will give you true, parametric length dimensions with the little squiggly indicating the 'out-of-sight' portions beyond the Crop.

Or, you can simply Sketch a Point off to the side on your drawing, and dimension from that Point to the desired edge in the Detail. Hide Sketches and the Point vanishes from the drawing for plotting. It will be a cartoon that requires you to know the true length and over- ride the dimension value, and it won't warn you by going dangling nor will it update in any parametric manner if the part changes.

Jim D.

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Expand the detail view to include all of the entities you need to dimension. Add the dimensions, and set the detail view back to the desired size. Edit the dimension properties to hide extra dimension and extension lines.

Or...Add the dimension in the main view. Create sketch geometry in the detail view that looks like the dimension you want, then add a note for the dimension value and link the note to the dimension from the main view, so that the dimension value appears in the note. Hide the dimension in the main view.

Hopefully these ideas will at least got you going in a good direction, if they're not exactly what you're after.

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Dale Dunn

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