Dimension diameter in detail view

The title says it all. I'm looking to add a diameter or radius
dimension to my detail view. The center line of my part is not in the
view. How do you add this type of dimension? Will it add a broken
line? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Make the radius dimension. Then go to the dimension properties dialog (right click --> properties) and you will find a check box to turn it into a diameter dimension.
Gifty74 wrote:
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I'm not clear on what you are asking. Are you trying to dimension the boundary of your detail view? Otherwise, you should be able to dimension any geometry visible within the detail view, including radii and diameters. If you put a radius or diameter inside a curve, the dimension will go to the center of the curve even if the center is outside the detail view. You might want to consider moving such dimensions to the outside of the curve to avoid this, if its undesirable.
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John Eric Voltin

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