Dimensioning 2004/SP0

When dimensioning, sometimes the leader lines do not match up with the
feature they are representing. In this particular instance a hole in the
model was dimensioned with limit tolerances. The driving diameter dimension
was pulled into the section view using model item-selected features.
My first thought was the section line might be skewed or not passing through
the part mid point. Verified the section line is passing through the center
and normal to part surface.
Has anyone else experienced this problem or suggestions to work around?
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Answered my own question, Apparently the section line was just a hair from where intended
I do have other questions for anyone familiar enough with SW detailing. 1. Dimension favorites cannot be applied to a previously created dimension using dimension chamfer mode. Selected chamfer dimension then selected dimension favorite from drop down list and nothing (notta).
2. Unable to Ctrl select the leader arrow to create multiple leader lines as is possible with the note command. If it can be done with notes, why not the chamfer dimension?
3. Difficult to pick and relocate the leader arrow in a note once attached to a surface. Often end up picking a nearby dimension instead. Must zoom in really tight to pick the end of arrow for move.
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