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You can easily set up a dimension favorite (look up dimensions, favorites) by copying the attributes of an existing dimension. Then to apply it, either select it before dimensioning, or select all the desired dims and then select the favorite - they will all change to that favorite. Keep in mind, though, that it will change all attributes such as tolerances, type, etc.


Is there a way to copy the properties of a dimension to other dimensions? I > have both decimal and fractional dimensions on a drawing and I'd like to > simply copy the properties from one dimension to the other. > > Thanks, > Roger > > >
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Alek, I was reading through the newsgroup and found your question. There were many responses but nobody answered your question, "What does TRUE R5 mean?" This is an ANSI Y14.5 dimensioning practice. I have the ANSI 14.5M ? 1982 Edition and it reads as follows; Where a radius is dimensioned in a view that does not show the true shape of the radius, TRUE R is added before the radius dimension.

In other words, the radius in the view you are dimensioning IS NOT Normal to the view.

Open a sketch, draw a radius, if you now arrow down (mine is set to 5 degree increments) to change your view you are no longer viewing the radius Normal to the Plane you sketched it on.

I hope this helps.

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