Diameter instead of Radius?

greets all,
re: sketching circles... any way to have SW work with
a Diameter measurement and not Radius?
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If you are dimensioning a closed circle it should default to diameter. If you are dimensioning an open arc, the default will be radius. So when you dimension that, it will drop in a radius dim. Then do a RMB on it, select properties, and check the box for Diameter dimension.
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Wayne Tiffany
my apologies, i meant during the actual sketch. ie, i select Circle sketch tool.. click the center, then click an arbitrary radius... at this point the property manager is open... it displays X, Y, & Radius.
at times it would be easier (faster) to ender a Diameter rather than radius.
again, it all happens pretty fast.. i select circle.. click twice and then immediately enter a radius (press Enter) and i have my circle. i am not adding any actual dimension text to the sketch.
thanks, -tony
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I also like to think in diameter, so I just enter say 2.5/2, for a 1.25 radius.
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Bill Chernoff
holysmokes it does the math! thanks bill. for kicks i tried "sin(30)" and it entered the numerical equivalent.
will it ever cease to amaze?
thanks again, -tony
ps.. its not so much 'thinking' in diameter, but at times i have to sketch up existing parts... my calipers give me a diameter reading :)
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You know you can enter things in like:
6.35mm --> will convert it to 0.25in if in inch file .25in --> will convert it to 6.35mm if in mm file 6.35mm+.75in --> will convert it to 1" or 25.4mm depending on units setting
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1'5" will net you 1 foot 5 inches (17 inches) 2' will give you 2 foot or 24 inches. 1'9"+25.4mm = 22 inches
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Dan Bovinich
I bet your an ex-AutoCAD user.
I've done math in UG, Microstation & Pro/E. I even wrote an equation parser back in college (a mere freshman homework problem).
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