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Hi, can anyone help me, please?

I'm using AutoCad 2002. I have to draw a circular sample plot with many small circles (that represents trees in circular plot in forest). I have these data:

plot radius: 30m tree1: distance from center of plot: 6,8m tree diameter: 0,357m azimuth (from center of plot): 10 degrees tree2:... tree3... . . . . Data are in Excel file. What is the fastest way to draw all this (there are a plenty of plots and trees)?

I hope you will understand. Thanx, ki

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draw a circle at the center of the plot & copy (multiple) , select center of circle as base point & type @,357

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HiHo; If the distance, tree diameter and azimuth are different for each tree, then a script might be a solution. I used to use a block for deciduous and another for conifer drawn at one unit. Then "insert" and scale at the various coordinates.

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