Can I install AutoCAD 2002 after installing AutoCAD 2004?

I recently moved from AutoCAD 2002 to 2004, and then discovered that my
2002 version of CAD Overlay will not run any longer under 2004.
Therefore, is it possible to install 2002 AFTER I've installed 2004, so
that I can use my CAD Overlay program? Or are there potential conflict
I could create another partition on my hard drive (like a D:), and
install 2002 and CAD Overlay there, if that would help the situation.
TIA for your replies.
Phil in Orange County.
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CAD Fiend
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Lots of people need to have differnt releases installed on the same machine/network for various reasons. They each install in different program directories.
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Glenn Ogreenc
Yeah, I know. But I need to be sure, that's all.
Glenn Ogreenc wrote:
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CAD Fiend

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