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We use AutoCAD 2002 LT at our office. My employer is somewhat new to
the program. I am frequently having to go to his computer and put his
toolbars back up for him (draw, modify, standard, object properties).
For some reason, when he closes down autocad and later starts a new
session, the toolbars he was using previously (listed above)
disappear. I remember one of my autocad instructors once saying that
this a common problem on some computers, but he didn't know the reason
why it occurs. For instance, I believe one of about 25 computers in
our lab had this problem. I think we were running autocad 2002i at the
time. I have been using Autocad for over 8 years and have yet to have
this happen to me. My employer and I both use windows xp. Does
anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it? Thanks in
advance for your help.
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Brett H.
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That was the problem right there. Running nonexistent versions of AutoCAD causes all kinds of strange things to happen (or not happen). :)
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I remember this happening while using an older computer we had. Our theory was that XP was self-correcting at a startup and diverting back to an old setup date or time that worked. Like maybe when the computer is booting it's not liking all the hardware and configurations and background programs loading at startup, so it's actually going back to when the computer worked...which may happen to be the day, and right after, you installed the autocad program. It's an operating system thing and not an autocad thing.
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Glenn Ogreenc

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