Autocad LT tour...?


Does it exist a 'tour' of AC LT's features somewhere.

I want a good and user-friendly house-plan drawing software (private use) and I would like to see how one can do this with the LT version.

Particulary I'm interested in how to edit / move rooms / walls and if it is possible to define several wall types and thicknesses and use these throughout the building.

Thanks for hints on how I can see how LT solves house-plan drawing somewhere on the web ;-)

I have ordered the 30-day trial but it takes three weeks to deliver :-(



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Geir Holmavatn
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I have yet to meet someone who would call AutoDesk products "user friendly" for novices. It's really a drafting platform for people who already have those skills, and know what they are doing, at least part of the time. What you seem to be describing is something else, and the usual advocates of other platforms will soon respond.

Good luck. BTW, I don't know of any CAD package that solves house plans. Technology is not there yet. Thank god. That's my job.

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Michael Bulatovich

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