Autocad LT 2002 wont start - missing export dll?

I wanted to start Autocad 2002 LT on my Win98SE PC as I ve done many times
before, when the start interrupts with the following message:
PSAPI.DLL linked with missing Export-NTDLL.DLL:NtCreateProfile
German original: PSAPI.DLL verknüpft mit fehlender
I deinstalled and reinstalled Autocad 2002 LT several times, the error was
still there. It just doesnt start.
I looked up for the 2 dll.s , both are on my system. When i want to
overwrite them with new one from the internet it says, it cant do that,
because they are in use by windows.
Can you give me a hint what to do?
With best regards,
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Put the two new versions of the files in the application directory such as C:\Program Files\AutoCAD\
Windows should look here first for the files.
If that does not work, boot into DOS Command Prompt Only by pressing F8 during the start of bootup and replace the files after backing up the old ones by renaming to PSAPI.DLL.old and NTDLL.DLL.old.
Also, it looks like NTDLL.DLL is a file for use by the NT series of OS's such as Windows NT, 2000, and XP so I do not know why AutoCAD would want to use it.
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