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I work for while with AutoCAD and some times I simply cant get the quick
effect I want to have.
Some of my clients wants to see my work during processing time, simply they
want to check me every week how does it go. Probably you now what I'm
talking about. Problem grow up when they ask me to send them data via
e-mail - the only problem they accept only *.doc, *.pdf or image files jpg,
bmp, wmf etc. (of course I don't expect from them any other computer skills
except simply "click" and "click").
My question is how to export i.e. large project sheet to bmp or wmf without
loosing quality (in that case resolution)?
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Radoslaw Kurek
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You mentioned PDF. That is the surest way to get a quality file. Do a web search for PDF995. It works well and it's cheap.
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You can also copy the active window to the clipboard by holding Alt-key and press Print Scrn. After that you can past the clipboard to a doc file.
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HÃ¥kan Sundelin
"Radoslaw Kurek" wrote in news:uZ%mb.47285$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.nyc.rr.com:
Problem grow up when they ask me to send them data
AND you can copy to the clipboard in Autocad and paste into IrfanView.
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Roy Knapp
Very simple (at least with ACAD 2002): 1. Type "wmfout" (or "_wmfout" if you don't work with an English version of AutoCAD). 2. Assign a file name 3. Select the parts of the drawing you want to save ("all" or "_all" selects everything) and press Enter.
You get a nice little WMF file that you could even import to and edit in CorelDraw (or any other WMF-capable software) without big loss in quality. And you can insert it as graphics in Word, Powerpoint or
Kind regards, Olaf
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Olaf Peuss

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