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I just purchased a new computer with Win XP Pro as my OS. I was using Win 98
in my old computer and was running Autocad ver. 12 just fine. It also run
fine with Win 95 before that. When I updated to the new computer, I had my
old hard drive installed alongside my new hard drive as an aux drive and had
it labled as Drive B. Autocad is now on my B drive. When I move to B drive
and click on ACAD.exe, I get an error message "Divide by Zero or Overflow
Error". Can someone explain what this is and can it be corrected? Thanks
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Bruce E St.John
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So your operating system you are using now is on drive c: ? And you are trying to use the AutoCAD that was installed with the operating system on drive b:?
If you are doing this, you can't. There is no information in the registry regarding your AutoCAD program. You need to reinstall AutoCAD while running the new operating system.
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Does anything else on that hard drive work? I bet it doesn't. Drive B is for a floppy drive. That is what it expects to see. You can put your aux. hard drive on anything but A,B,or C.
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"Bruce E St.John" wrote in news:bngr4l$t31$ snipped-for-privacy@news.chatlink.com:
trying to call a hard drive "B" will cause trouble for sure. A & B are reserved for floppies.
when you say "I had my old hard drive installed alongside my new hard drive as an aux drive and had it labled as Drive B" what do you mean?
to have two hard drives in a computer you hook one up as master and one as slave on the same cable. (I have had trouble with "autoselect") Windows XP should detect them automatically, and will give them volume labels (which will be "C" and something higher than "C", like "D")
things may have changed since I got under the hood last, but I remember that you want to have your CD on the other cable, IE not the same cable as your hard drives.
I am having brain flatulance, and cannot recall the name for the cables 1 & 2. That is embarassing.
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Roy Knapp
ACAD needs to be installed on the "native" drive. Find the hard drive or partition(C:(default), D:, E:, etc. partitions) and install ACAD in that partition.
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