export to eps file very large !!!

I have a file .dwg whish the size is 1 Mo , When I export this plan to esp
file , the eps file is more than 40 Mo
Is -it normal ?
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You could try our M-Color software (visit
formatting link
. M-Color creates very compact EPS files (as well as PDF or PostScript).
Best regards, Antti
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Antti Nivala
I work with 1.5 mb autocad files all the time and when i export to eps they never exceed 4 times the size I guess your import procedures are wrong
I usually do it as follow: filedia=0 cmddia=0 psout select window then choose the format then choose location and name to save it at then reopen with illustrator and then save as in the version compatible for other users to view
keep me posted if ever
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