cannot export to EPS at correct size?

Hello all
I have had a problem for a long time now and do not seem to be able to find
a solution. I need to export drawings from AutoCAD v14 to Illustrator for
artwork design. When Illustrator opens my DWG or DXF files, they are
massively scaled up and I cannot find a solution to this. However, I can
export to EPS BUT this gives me further problems. If I chose the option 'fit
to page' the drawings are very small and all need to be scaled up after
opneing in Illustrator. If I uncheck this option, my drawings appear correct
to scale BUT I do not et all of the drawing. I have only noticed today, that
after exporting to EPS, AutoCAD notes on its command line that the effective
plotting area is something like '190.5 x 266.5' and this happens to be the
size of the image that opens in Illustrator. How can I alter this effective
plotting area? I have no option to do this in the EPS options window? I can
change the paper size, but not the plotting area. I have of course tried
changing the options of 'What to plot...' from the display to window etc.
but I knwe already that this was not the answer as all my drawing was on the
screen anyway. It seems to be to do with this effective plotting area I
think, but how to change this?
Thanks all
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Hi Chris,
When you export drawing you have to set filedia=0 and cmddia=0, then you psout and set the page size if in mm you use 3632,3632 and maximum inches possible.
Then reset both filedia and cmddia to 1 in cad.
Indeed when you open up the dwg in illustrator version 10 and up the file will be out of proportion we have the same problem.
I think it has to do with illistrator settings but we have not yet ask support from Adobe yet.
Therefore we psout and it works better according to the above.
Now ounce opened you can reset the page size in illustrator and move the artwork inside the sheet.
Altough if page preset size is to big for your printer you wont be able to print anyway so just use maximum size paper your plotter can use and try to fit as much as possible in the preset sheet size.
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