AEC 5.1

Hi I've installed AEC 5.1 on my PC but cant seem to intergrate it with
ADT 3.3 or Autocad R14. Can see the folders in explorer but cant see an
exe for AEC and dont now how to intergrate them from within 3.3 or r14.
Dont have the original R14 disk by the way.
(ps doing this for a friend so dont know all the workings of these
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In another ng, you're doing it for your father, using AEC 3.1/R14 In this one you're doing it for a friend, using AEC 5.1/R14 Not very consistent, are you? Bit fishy.....
Mr wrote:
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Its for my father, its R14/ AEC 5.1
only have the disk for AEC 5.1 and R14 is already on the PC. AEC is an original and I believe R14 is a copy from a friend of my fathers.
Not trying to rip anyone off just trying to help
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