Change layer Of Ole object

I've looked for an answer to this and can't find one.
Basically I want to know how to change the layer of an ole inserted object.
I've inserted an excel file in to my drawing. It comes in on the current layer.
How do you change it to another layer withoput reinserting it.
Thank you.
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Select the border (autocad entity) and pick the new layer. It makes sense since the border is the only thing selectable. If no border you must turn it on.
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Thanks for the reply Cleanbean. But I'm afraid I don't know what border to select. When I past it in. There are no borders as far as I can see anyway. I paste it in to paperspace because I had printing rotation problems when it was in model. I thought what from what you said you meant the borders of the viewport maybe? Can you explain how to turn on the borders. Thanks again. Mik
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