Installing AutoCAD 2004 on Win XP 64 bit?


Is it possible to install 32 bit AutoCAD 2004 / MDT 2004, on Windows XP 64 bit machine. If yes, then what are the steps to do that.. I mean do I need to edit/tweak the .MSI file entries with ORCA so as to make it comptabile for 64 bit OS?

Kindly let me know the procedure. Googled around for some time but gave up as I could not get any relevant answers.

-Peace John

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You might be the first to ask. I have read recently that 64 bit XP is about to be shuttered so any additional software for other drivers that you have will not be created. 32 bit programs will generally run on a 64 bit OS. Most advice is to try and see and tweak as needed. If you run into error messages during installation research those and implement the suggestion. New PC with old software? Try posting here for additional help:

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Charles Shade

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AutoCAD 2004 is not compatible with any 64-bit OS. Ignore the workarounds posted in the Autodesk discussions as they do not work reliably. Downloading the MS ORCA and "tweaking" the .msi file and the setup.exe file may allow you to think the product is installing, but the core code of the program was written for a 32-bit system. AutoCAD installed this way will not be stable and some functions that you need may not work correctly, if at all.

In the IT world software and hardware progresses and eventually users have to catch up. You may not like it, but that is the way it is. You can always try IntelliCAD or some other less expensive CAD software if AutoCAD is too pricey. I have worked as a CAD Manager and support technician for a number of years as well as doing CAD work for my own business. Companies I have worked for as their CAD manager have tried to get as many years out of an old version of AutoCAD as they can. But eventually collaborating with other companies and/or the need to upgrade workstations has forced them to upgrade their Autodesk software. The companies I have worked for as a CAD manager have subscriptions for their Autodesk products. I am a one person CAD business and I have a subscription. I bite the bullet every year and pay the price, but I get the latest software as well as direct Autodesk support that non-subscription users do not get. There are people and companies that refuse to go the subscription route because they feel it is a rip off. That is fine too. Like I pointed out, there are cheaper alternatives to AutoCAD. But most of them do not have some feature or tool that you might need.

Daryl Stockton, MCSE

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Charles, Daryl

Thanks for your suggestions. Anyways I will try and see how the installation proceeds. I do understand that the need to do away with old software and hook-up on new ones.

Well, my query was purely for some testing purpose only and since I have latest license releases of Inventor Series (2009, 2010) so no worries.

Thanks, John

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