AutoCad 2006 in Virtual XP mode (Win 7)

Does anyone have any experience with using AutoCAD with Win 7 in XP mode. It
seems to run very slowly , leaves trails on the cursor and reacts slowly to
commands. I wondered if there may be ways of allocating more memory
resources to the XP mode. I'm reluctant to reinvest in a newer copy of
AutoCAD that will run on Win 7
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When you say XP mode do you mean XP virtual machine? If so: Why run in XP mode? Just install it and run it in compatibility mode or better yet in native win7 mode. The XP virtual machine is very hardware dependent and doesn't work for everybody. 2006 supposedly works fine in compatibility mode, and for many works fine running it without turning on the compatibility settings at all. Your mileage may vary, but Autodesk won't support you no matter how you run it.
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You don't need XP mode, it run directly in Windows 7 Ultimate.
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