unhandled exception error

Running XPpro SP2. I have just installed Land Desktop 3 (2002). The
program will not start. On launch I get an "unhandled execption error in
the acadmap.arx file. If i rename this file to skip load acad will start
fine but i do not have any of the Map functions!! Can't seem to find much
about this problem online. Anyboby know how to resolve this issue?
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Are you using Norton's anti-virus on the computer?
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George P
No I am not, I have Trend Mirco officescan running on it. It is also running on identical Dell laptops just fine. It is only this one machine that poses the problem
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A number of things could be responsible.
1. Make sure that OfficeScan, and any other antispam software etc., is not runnng when you install LDD.
2. The install on the one laptop may have not completed without unreported errors. Do a complete uninstall. Look for document TS45252 on the Autodesk website. This document describes how to completely uninstall an Autodesk product to ensure a clean reinstall.
3. You will not find anything about your problem with LDD 2002 and Windows Xp because the 2002 Autodesk products are not supported on Windows XP. Technical support, other than what is available on the Autodesk Knowledge Base, for all the 2002 products was dropped in July 2005 when the 2002 products were retired. In fact the entire 2004 product line is retired as of this month and will no longer be supported.
Daryl CAD consultant and part-time Autodesk support for a reseller
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Bitter experience has taught me not to use Nortons, Trend or McAfee Antivirus with any graphical application . . . .
Try AVG - works well , daily updates and uses little memory & resources
Ivan the Lurker
SBS wrote:
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