Annoying happening with ACad2002 and Win2000

I have just returned from an overseas working jaunt, where I was given
both a desktop and laptop to use, both installed with Win2000.
I install ACad2002 on both, and both have the same 'problem'.
In either windows or windows explorer, I select an ACad file, and double
click it (or right clock and select 'open', or hit enter, whatever).
This usually opens ACad and displays the selected file (well it works
fine on NT 4.0). On Win2000, it eventually starts ACad and opens the
file, but brings up a windows error dialog stating that it can't find
the file c:/blah... or one of it's components. Now this is rubbish,
since it has opened the file.
Also in NT4.0 when I select and activate more than one file in win or
win explorer, it will open them all in the one ACad application (Only
one task in the taskbar). I like this, as I ctrl-tab thru the files.
With more strange behaviour, Win2000 opens each in a new instance of
ACad (many tasks in the taskbar), and brings up that pesky dialog for
each. The same happens if I attempt to open another file from the
desktop/explorer when ACad is already running, it again starts a new
The only way I can get all of the files open in the same task is to
drag-n-drop many files onto the header bar of ACad, which is a pain on a
small screen.
Does anyone have a fix for this bizarre behaviour? I want the NT4.0
behaviour back!
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Win2K works different then NT4. Do a search for the 'missing' file, copy and paste it to your AutoCAD directory. End of dialog box.
another file from the
Options, System, General Options, un-select the 'single-drawing compatibility mode'. Saves a LOT of RAM this way.
Not bizarre when you understand your OS and read the directions.
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