Help w/ error mesage

Running Acad 02 on WinME and started getting the following error when
trying to start acad either by file or application:
Acad has caused an error in AC1ST15.DLL
Acad will now close.
If you continue to experience problems,
Try restarting your computer.
Acad will not open at all, but will if I reboot in safe mode, then
there is no problem. The typical remedies and reinstalling Acad or
restoring to a previous date do not work and I suspect it is a WinME
issue. This is the second time it has happened and the only fix last
time was to completely reinstall hard drive and contents.
Any suggestions please?
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Try this link to solve the problem
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K Woz
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Thanks, that was my first step. It didn't work immediately as claimed, so I thought it was not the answer, but after making the registry recognize it as a new .dll it worked.
Again, thanks
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