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Normally when using AutoCAD, escape terminates a command. Yesterday I installed Norton Antivirus. Since the install, the escape key now switches me from program to program, outside of AutoCAD when I have and AutoCAD drawing open. How do I get my escape key to function as it should?

I appreciate any help, this is very frustrating! Thanks, j

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Obviously Norton is the culprit. Don't ever use anything Norton or suffer the consequences.

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Hmmmm, I have Norton Antivirus, Firewall and utilities running on win XP home and no such problems. good luck jojo


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Brian Spillane

Norton doesn't affect any of my 3 computers, it doesn't affect my sisters computer, It doesn't affect any of my 3 brothers computers- one brother has

2 computers networked, it doesn't affect my brother-in-laws computer, then there are my friends- guess what? It doesn't affect their computers..............

Maybe it is you and your setup that is your problem, not Norton.

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Whenever Norton is mentioned you can bet your ass the real culprit is the user. However, Norton are not blameless. If they simply disabled all the non-essential startups during a default installation, people would be better able to judge the product on it's true merits - not by the number of resources a default install actually consumes. To the uneducated eye, a default install seems to "take over" the PC, slowing it down to a snail's pace, and generally crashing programs that used to work. People do over-exagerate the problems, but there is a problem nonetheless; their "enable it so the user doesn't ask how to" policy has done more damage than their software ever did.

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Nobby Ripspeed

The key is simply - responding to abuse, because you keep hitting it!

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G Faris

I get the Escape key acting like ALT+TAB too sometimes while downloading stuff and using the magnificently written yEnc32 (irony) to decode it with other programs in the background. OE hangs or slows down on "Searching for Hyperlinks" and this, and a few other things then start going wrong.

Usually, closing the folder I use to for yEnc decoding, which is on the Desktop, cures the problem. Other times I have to close the lot or even reboot.

Sort that one out!


PS: If the twits posting in yEnc used it properly and posted attached *.ntx files instead of dumping the data straight into the body of the message, this wouldn't happen. Grrrrrrrrr!

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