Death to the evil ISAVEPERCENT setting!

The typical evidence of ISAVEPERCENT damage is this: You work on your file,
save and close. Open the file and it is damaged (error message of one sort
or another and AutoCAD must close). Recovery mode will not be able to
recover the file. Sometimes even the BAK file will be damaged depending on
the changes made to the file since the previous save and the final save and
The dangers of this command have been brought to light in the various CAD
rags in the early days, but in our experience, this command remains evil.
AutoDesk continues to include it in new versions and defaults it at 50. It
must be kept turned off using a 0 setting.
While the chance of ISAVEPERCENT damage is rare, In large collaborating CAD
environment involving large 3D models it can cause significant loss of work.
I would recommend adding code that forces ISAVEPERCENT to 0 upon the launch
of AutoCAD as users may reset their profile from time to time. Auditing your
files often is not a bad idea either. I believe the newer versions of
AutoCAD have an automatic audit that can be enabled.
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