Hey out there!
I'm using AutoCAD R14, and lately I've been having problems saving my
drawings. Sometimes I'll get an "Access Violation" error message.
AutoCAD says it can not continue, but it offers me the opportunity to
save my work. This is good, but the only problem is; when I reopen the
file and recover the drawing, things are sometimes missing! It may be a
line, or several lines, text, blocks, it's different each time.
Anyone have an idea as to what may be causing this?
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It is hard to see from here what the problem is but the usual checkups should be performed. An access violation means autoCAD is trying to use memory that is not allocated for it. It can be caused by virtually anything!
Run a disk cleanup to clear temp files. You should also go to the temp folder (location depends on Windows ver) and clean it out. Disk clean up won't clear AutoCAD left over files (close all apps before hand!). Run a scandisk/error checking on your hard drive.
Be sure ISAVEPERCENT is set to 0. AutoDesk should have dumped this "feature" years ago.
If you experience crashing in other programs, it could be memory (memory faults typically result in bluescreens and reboots). I'd get Memtest86 and scan it anyway. Also scan for viruses and spyware.
If you are using up physical memory, the machine can become less stable and slow. After working in a file for awhile, type status and see how much free physical memory is left. If you are dipping into the double digits, it is time to add some memory.
If you use xrefs common to several drawings, it could be a problem with one of the xrefs. Audit each one.
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Yes, AutoCAD has a reputation for doing this. Especially in R1
using true-type fonts. other possible causes too many xref too many proxy entitie too many block too much "crap" in the drawing.
Sounds like to me that you're dawring needs cleanup. Chyeck you xref
and make sure you you don't have any cirulcar references. then save. then purge everything. then save. then close ACAD. open it u again, type recover and pick your DWG. let the system recover itsel even if there are no errors. This helps get rid of all of th "garbage
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A persistent Autocad glitch, I can't tell what causes it save to say I can force any Autocad version to do this by merely editing hatch areas through a viewport. If nothing else, it makes the salesperson sit up and take notice when I announce what I intend to do, then do it..
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You wouldn't happen to be using a US-English copy of R14 on a foreign-language windows system would you?
Do you get ACIS error messages?
G Faris
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Greg Farris
No, I am using english language versions in Australia. Is that a foreign language? The glitch has persisted since I first found viewports back in release 12, and all versions since. The seller of 2005 showing us the new features was dismayed when I showed him how easy it was to 'crash' the program.
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