Slow saves

We have several drawings that seem to cause an extremely long lag time
before saving. What I mean by this is that we issue the "save" or
command, and the computer sits for about 20 to 50 seconds (depending
on the
speed of the computer), then it saves the drawing quickly.
The problem doesn't seem to be the computers settings because some
are fine. Also, if I start with a "good" drawing and copy anything
just a line) from the bad drawing to the good drawing, the good
drawing will
be corrupted and start doing the same thing. Even if I delete the
line, the file is still corrupted. When the entity is copied from the
file to the good file, the good file jumps in size from 24kb to 598kb.
I have recovered, purged, and WBlock-ed the entire drawing (-wblock *)
to no
avail. I have also done these remedies with the files in AutoCAD R14.
Saving in AutoCAD R14 works fine (fast), but the file is still in the
range, and when opened/saved in 2002, the problem remains.
HELP! Due to the nature of this problem, more and more drawings are
becomming corrupted as users copy entities from one drawing/project to
Systems are running AutoCAD 2002, with Express Tools 1-9, on Win2000.
network on Win 2000 server. Same problem persists with standard 2002
and custom profiles.
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How many "named layer filters" are there? They get transferred from drawing to drawing. If you have many, try this little routine to delete them all. ;downloaded from, author: R. Robert Bell
(defun C:LayerFiltersDelete () (vl-Load-Com) (vl-Catch-All-Apply '(lambda () (vla-Remove (vla-GetExtensionDictionary (vla-Get-Layers (vla-Get-ActiveDocument (vlax-Get-Acad-Object)))) "ACAD_LAYERFILTERS"))) (princ "\nAll layer filters have been deleted.") (princ))
(defun C:LFD () (C:LayerFiltersDelete))
Or, if you want to save some of them, use this one.
;;Original code to delete all layer filters by R. Robert Bell. ;;Heavily modified to delete only specific filters by ;;Jeff Mishler, December 2003
(defun c:filtrdel (/ names dicts) (vl-Load-Com) (princ "\nRoutine to delete all but the specified Layer filters. When entering filter names to retain, wildcards are allowed. i.e., entering \"zz*,xx*\" will delete all filters except those beginning with zz and xx.") (setq names (getstring "\nEnter filter names to retain, press Enter for none: ")) (vl-Catch-All-Apply '(lambda () (setq dicts (vla-GetExtensionDictionary (vla-Get-Layers (vla-Get-ActiveDocument (vlax-Get-Acad-Object) ) ) ) ) (vlax-for dict dicts (if (and (= (vla-get-name dict) "ACAD_LAYERFILTERS") (> (vla-get-count dict) 0)) (progn (vlax-for filtr dict (if (not (wcmatch (vla-get-name filtr) names)) (vla-delete filtr) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) (princ "\nSpecified layer filters have been deleted.") (princ) )
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Jeff Mishler
Tried it. It cleaned up the layer filters, but this had no effect on the slow save problem. Thanks for trying to help me.
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If the drawings have a lot of ttf text, that might be the problem.
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B. W. Salt.
Check how many objects are in the drawing. It may be that there are a number of objects that are not in plain view. Sometimes, if the drawing size is big, it takes a while to save the data. I would try to find out how many objects there are in the drawing, and see if that is what it is. It is a possibility that there are lines over lines over lines.
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