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I have some drawings that when I need to print layouts from those drawings all I can get is loosing all printers. Sometimes I can print one layout but when I try to print others from some drawing the problem occurs. Does anyone knows what's the problem? This happens particularly when printing to HP1220. Same problem happened in two computers, in AutoCAD Map 2002 and AutoCAD

2004. How can I update my version with software patches from autodesk? I cant't find it in the site.

Thanks in advance!

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Eduardo Ribeiro
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There still seems to be some unresolved problems with AutoCAD 2004 plotting. With my HP Designjet 450C A0 and the latest drivers from the HP site installed I still get occasional printer error messages from AutoCAD (or then maybe not) and then AutoCAD just suddenly dies.

I still use R14 when I have to do some serious plotting to busy customers and I want them to be error free and usable at the local plotting shop. The R14 plotting concept may be out of date, but it still works like a train's loo.

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Check the Windows printer folder. When the printers are gone, are they gone from there as well? If so the spooler service has stopped. It could be due to a bad printer driver. bg

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