Problem in loading application

I need an advice.
I have developed application that uses Vlax.cls v1.4. It extracts data from
ACAD drawing, tranfers them to *.dll, takes some data from Excel, calculates
and process all data and finaly returns results to drawing.
It runs fine on AutoCAD2000 and AutoCAD2002 on WindowsME and 2000, but when
I want to run it on AutoCAD2004(on WinXP) or 2002 that uses settings of
R14(version 2002 and R14 are installed together on same computer, Win98)
there are occuring problems.
AutoCAD returns: error AutoCAD: Problem in loading application.
How to solve the problem?
Is maybe solution that version 2004. does not use VL.Application.1( Set VL
= acdApp.GetInterfaceObject("VL.Application.1") ) than VL.Application.2 or
And for the case of R14 joined with 2002 is possible solution that because
of installed R14, version 2002. cannot reach VL.Application?
Is there any problem with certain OS and registering *
.dll? Dll is
registering from code with function
Private Declare Function RegConWriter Lib _
"C:\Program Files\IP Tools\ConWriter 1.0\con.DLL" _
Alias "DllRegisterServer" () As Long
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