Loading Components Lightweight in 2004

The following has happened more than once and I consider it to be an
intermittent but repeatable possible bug in SolidWorks 2004, SP2.1:
I typically have the System Option for Performance set ON for Loading
Components Lightweight. From time to time, when I've already
successfully opened one assembly in lightweight state and have NOT
manually turned the system option OFF, a subsequent assembly opening
takes an exceedingly long time and presents itself completely
If I then look at the Systems Options for Performance, the
"Automatically Load Components Lightweight" setting is mysteriously
turned OFF.
It seems that certain assemblies are having the effect of toggling the
setting. Perhaps it has something to do with files that have not yet
been converted to 2004 format, but I don't recall this sort of
situation with version transitions in the past.
Have others seen this erratic behavior? I, for one, am frustrated by
the undesired system option toggle...
Per O. Hoel
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Per O. Hoel
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Check to see if your settings for Large Assembly Mode are set to turn on automatically.
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Gabe Osten

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