learning FEA software at home

Does anyone one know what the license is for Cosmos or MSC visual Nastran
4D? We are looking at getting one of these two software packages and I would
like to take the software home to learn on. Are the licenses concurrent
users? Is there a hard key?
Thanks Nathan
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Nathan Feculak
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I would ask a reseller for a demo.
If you have SolidWorks you can get your feet wet with the very limited CosmosXpress.
Nathan Feculak wrote:
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Our MSC N4W has a hard key.
OT: We still tote a few hard keys around work to share amongst four of us. I put a 3-foot parallel cable off my // port so the dongles just sit right in front of my monitor for easy trading.
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If you have a network licence at work, you could always just VPN into work and use one of those licences, assume that you have access to a VPN....
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Stephen Woolhead

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