Sw 2004 Network Licenses

Has anyone heard anything regarding SW 2004 network licenses? I've heard that for some reason SW 2004 network licenses will NOT be backwards compatible.

I'm in a larger size company with a fairly high number of SW users, most of which do not have admin rights. Therefore someone who does have admin rights needs to visit their machine to do the upgrade which can take some time. What this appears to mean is, once you start to upgrade people and switch over to the new license file, anyone still using SW 2003 (or older) will no longer be able to run. This could make upgrading large number of users difficult as essentially everyone needs to be upgraded at same instant. I realize there are programs out there to remotely push software upgrades over the network to users. Unfortunately where I work, we are not set up to use this process for large size programs like SolidWorks.

Supposedly this will only happen for this upgrade. In future will be like in past where new license file will also work with older versions.

Is anyone else aware of this?

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Ed Richter
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