Right click drop down "open" command flaky in 2004?

I have two separate machines that are behaving strangely when the users try
to open a part from an assembly using the right click drop-down menu. One
of them is SW2004 SP1 and one is 2004 SP2.1. The problematic 2.1 machine
has had the problem since the initial installation of SW2004 @ SP1. The
problem also appears in the File-Open dialog at the same time.
Most times, SW can be closed and re-started, and will operate correctly for
a while.
Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour?
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Gabe Osten
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Uninstall and reinstall SW
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We decided to rebuild the machine, just to snuff out any other causes. (It's easy - have a drive image to work from) Thought it was the only one, but found the other that was doing it today.
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Gabe Osten

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