Expand Right-Click Menu..always?

I did a repair re-install recently, without copying out my settings. SW
re-set many of its Tools>Options>System Options to it's default...Ackh I
wish I had thought to save my settings first...
Anyway, seems like there was an option to Always Expand the Right-click
Menu, rather than having to click on the little arrows at the bottom of
the menu, but I can't find that setting. Can someone steer me in the
right direction?
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I think what you are looking for is in the command customization dialog box. Right click in the menu bar and chose "customize". On the far right tab, "options", set menu customization to always on.
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In 2006 its at:
Tools > Customize > Options > Shortcut customization > Show All
There was an earlier version where this option was located somewhere else.
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Thank you... I don't know that I'd have found that one any time soon.
matt wrote:
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