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I'm revisiting my templates and am kind of wondering how others are
migrating their templates as SolidWorks evolves.
In the past I had a bevy of part templates set up for the different
materials I commonly use. With the advent of the Material manager
this is rather redundant, so I'm wondering what types of part
templates do y'all use. I could see a different one for different
units (fractional, decimal, SAE, Metric, etc) but not much else. You
can tell I haven't thought much about this, so I'm throwing it out for
There is less of an issue for assemblies as I currently only have two
assembly templates (one decimal, one fractional) but I've got a slew
of drawing templates and that's not likely to change.
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Chris Dubea
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I have templates for metric and inch units for parts and assemblies. I have templates for drawings with different sheet sizes. I don't use any for materials. I have thought of having a different template for large assemblies, to keep the various settings separate from small assemblies. I've heard of people using different templates for sheet metal parts, which makes some sense.
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Thanks. As I don't do any large assemblies this would pertain to me. The sheet metal template makes sense as well, but luckily I don't deal much with sheet metal.
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