Bend Deductions in Multiple Configurations

Is it possible to have different bend deductions in multiple
I have a part that is very similar in multiple assemblies (I am
working with someone elses assemblies, I replaced the original
Engineer who had poor modeling techniques).
Picture this: a sheetmetal rectangle with 3 equal mitered flanges
(leaving one side open). It varies in width from 11" to 13" to 15"
etc. When it changes from 11" to 15" and up, the material thickness
needs to increases also. The thickness & bend radius is simple
enough, just double click the dimension and change it utilizing the
"this configuration" option. Well this option does not exist for bend
allowances, bend deductions, & K-Factors (at least not in SWX 2007).
I hope I'm not asking a redundant question, I searched the groups for
a little while.
Thanks in Advance,
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