slow performance issues with assembly configurations

We use configurations a lot, and are starting to see some really long rebuild times. At least compared to parts & assemblies that have no configurations at all. Unneccessary rebuilds in both the assemblies and assembly drawings. These aren't large assemblies, dozen parts or so. But a common denominator among all of them are cavity features in the lower subassemblies.

Anyone seeing this? I takes me a whole day to update/revise a top level assembly drawing. I feel like have stepped back in time 8 years performance wise. SW97 was faster than this on a 200Mhz PII Pro.


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How many total parts, Are you in large assembly mode. Solidworks 2005 has been flying for me but then I clean out my computer recently of all extra junk.

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Randy Story

My first assumption is that you may have a circular reference causing extra rebuilds. These can be hard to identify but a good place to start is pay attention to see if you can identify which parts are getting rebuilt again and again. I believe that someone wrote a macro that was available for Free that would list all references in excell making circular references easier to identify I don't recall who wrote it or what it was called unfortunately. Maybe someone else could point you in the right direction.

How many sheets is your drawing? Did you use cropped views? these rebuild 3 times by nature FYI.


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