Geometry in the bend region is too complex

Hi Guys,

I have made a simple rectangle Then I made flanges on all the four sides and now I want to make four flanges along the new edges but I am able to make only three flanges If I select the fourth side the error in the headline appears.

I looked closure at the flange profile and it appeared to me that when I was selecting the edge the profile created by solidworks was giving it some extra length so that the flange was coming in contact with the adjacent side and thats why it was not creating the flange.

Do u guys have any idea how to make it work. Again I made the flange with bend position outside and it worked. Then I reduced the flange length by editing the sketch and tried to change the bend position form outside to material inside and again same error was coming.

Can u guys throw some light on this

Thanks in Advance


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Take a look at a miter flange. This involves making the part a sheet metal part at the beginning, but it will then put multiple flanges around the edges of whatever shape you want. And, it makes all the corners work.


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Wayne Tiffany

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