How to create and USE custom drawing templates?

I'm sure this is an oft repeated chestnut, but I've google'd the groups
without finding the answer.
Basically, when I have a part modelled and I click the "Create drawing from
part" button, I want SW to use drawing templates that I have customised.
These will be one of A1, A2, A3 or A4 almost exclusively.
I also want to set the scales, I almost always use 1:1.
I also want to choose from them if I start a drawing from scratch.
My efforts so far have failed in several ways among them:
Firstly, my saved as template customised ones don't seem to exist as far as
SW is concerned, when I do "drawing from part".
Secondly, when editing the custom version, I put in some text (for the
comapny name) into a blank box that was suitable. I did some other editing
elsewhere in the drawing outline, and looked again and that text was gone. I
was like WTF?
I edited properties or something else, and it was back.
What's going on here?
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Once you create your templates, you need to put them in a central place. Then go to Tools>Options, and then under file locations in the system options, you need to specify where those files are located. Simply select Document templates from the pull down, then do a browse, and direct it to where your new templates are.
This will allow you to choose which template to use whether or not you do a "create from" or a brand spankin' new drawing. Hope this helps.
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