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Hi all,
I am looking at customising AutoCAD 2000 menus. I have a series of standard
blocks that I wish to insert from a pull down menu.
I am wondering if there is a lisp routine I can place in the mnu file to
ensure when the blocks are inserted from the pull down menu they are
inserted on the right layers.
Maybe there is an easier way without adding the lisp routine every time I
insert a block.
I thank you in advance for your help.
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Philip Russell
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I do a lot of survey work and use blocks all the time for floorplans and this is what I have done: I have a dwt template file which includes a drawing with all the blocks I use in it but are not shown, I also have a tool bar which I created with icons for each block then on those buttons I wrote this macro: ^c la s layername i blockname what the above means is this ^c = cancel any active commands, la = layer command, s = set, layername = the layer you want to make current, then the 2 spaces between layername and i are essential, i = insert, blockname = the name of the block you want to insert. Remember that the space = spacebar so if it doesn't work then play about with the spaces. Hope this helps, another usefull command for creating your own macros is ^m = enter.
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Some commands needs more than one ^C to cancel. And spaces are hard to see, use semicolon instead. Use underscore to make the commands language independent. Use minus sign to inwoke the good old command line version of a command. ^c^c_la;_s;layername;;_-i;blockname;
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Conny Klasson
Also don't use _layer;s use _layer;m which will create the layer if it doesn't exist
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