AutoCAD 2006 Menu Question

I have just (reluctantly) upgraded to AutoCAD 2006. I notice that the
pull-down/toolbar menu structure has been changed and you can't (well,
shouldn't) customise using a text editor anymore.
I'm getting used to most of the customisation procedures using the
customization dialog box, but I can't persuade AutoCAD to load the pull-down
menus in my preferred order.
In the customization dialog box, I can pick and drag the pull-down menus
into the order I want, or I can turn them all off and then turn them back on
in the order I want. Although the pull-down menus are now shown in the
dialog box in my preferred order, none of the 'Apply' or 'Save' functions
actually actions my choice and the pull-down menus remain displayed in
sequence pop1 to pop 16, reading left to right.
How do I achieve the order I want? Must I use the menuload command in a Lisp
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"Workspace" is what you need to deal with. Acad will open each session with the default workspace and all your changes will be lost until you create a custom "workspace". One you have done so you can switch to your preferred workspace or select it as default via "set current". The help file gives reasonably clear instructions.
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S. Scalise
OK, thanks. I'll go look up workspace and see how I get on.
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