New CUI interface in AutoCAD 2006

Hi everyone,
I am using 2006 for a while, and have some concerns.
I have hard time to axcept new CUI interface. It works ok, but it
take much longer to do anything, create partial menu or new buttons....
etc. I am wondering is it just me or it is common thing. I spent 4 to 5
times longer to do simple things, and it is not getting any faster. A
lots of frustrations - that's for sure.
So my questuions are:
1. Do you like new CUI ??
2. Is it slower or faster for you to do ??
3. May be it is a good idea to keep OLD INTERFACE together with new ??
Whole concept is not bad, but "Legsy" is going away and it is only
covers menues. I thing it would be great have sort of "Classic
Interface" 9sort of like "Classic Windows Look" in Windows XP
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I can't agree more with you. This CUI is far more complicated than usual CAD toolbar making.
It's very hard and slow to add a new icon or menu. I think that ACAD should bring back old fashion toolbar making.
It is much more easier. Who knows, maybe in AutoCAD 2007, 08, 09...
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