Superhatch problem in AutoCAD 2006

On a fresh install of 2006 on a new hard drive, with Express Tools, my
superhatch seems corrupted. The dialog box with the "Pattern Type" buttons
appears, but I just get an hourglass type error. Then it locks up the
program. I've uninstalled\reinstalled 2006 but same problem. All other
Express Tools work fine.
I have the ability to go to other PC's running 2006 and copy the needed
file(s) to migrate over and fix this. So I guess my question is: Where (and
what) files govern the functionality of superhatch? I can't find any
documentation on this anywhere.
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Joe 'bama
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There is no documentation from Autodesk on the Express Tools. My suggestion would be a reinstallation of the Express Tools. The executabel is on the CD/DVD that AutoCAD came on. If that doesn't work Autodesk tech support usually suggests a complete uninstall/reinstall of all Autodesk software on the computer. Go to the AutoCAD support site and look for article TS45252 titled "Removing all Autodesk software products from system to ensure a clean installation.
This is sometimes necessary due to the registry entries that get left behind when you uninstall using ADD/REMOVE only.
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