AutoCAD 2006 CUI Customization

As a company, we control all of our drawing production through the use
of menus and toolbars; over a number of years we have developed a vast
number of tools with a lot of coding behind it. We are looking to
upgrade from a mix of LT2002 and LT2005 to LT2006 in the next couple of
weeks and are concerned about the customization changes.
Is it possible to simply convert all the macros etc. currently held in
the .mnu files? We currently have one person, myself, modifying the
.mnu file whilst everyone else reads the .mns file once I have
recompiled it.
Is there anything that I particularly need to be aware of; we use
menus, toolbars and slide libraries, all off the menu file? To redo
this work would take months of redevelopment to understand a new
customization language and correct any errors whilst in the mean time
it takes twice as long to produce drawings and company standardization
would be lost.
I would be grateful if anyone who can advise on converting from 2005 to
2006 or who can point me in the right direction would reply to my
Many Thanks,
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If you go to your CUI, click on the workspace you wish to modify and on the right should be a customize workspace button. open that up then on your left side, find the mnu file that everything is in. then go to partial CUI files and everything should be in there and u can drag whatever you want onto the right side. When you are done, Click done on the right side and everything should be good. I hope this helps. If I led you astray, I apologize in advance. if for some reason it did not work, cancel and the change will not be made. Let me know if this works.
Thanks, Aaron Fox
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Lee. not sure if this will help, but we set up Autocad 2000 on a laptop, had it working to perfection, with all of our custom menus and toolbars, then loaded Autocad 2006. Using the 2006 Migration tool migrated everything almost perfectly. The only problem I had was the old Acad.mnl (which had been modified) file would not load. I changed it's name to custom.mnl and loaded it through the customize interface in 2006. All worked perfectly. Once the bugs were gone, I could do the install on all of our systems.
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